Things We're Grateful For

Things We're Grateful For


Gratitude doesn’t have to be some grand, complex thing. It can be little, everyday moments.

It seems every year we’re surprised when December rolls around. What happened to summer? And by the time we adjust to new holidays and new routines,  we’re all of a sudden reminded that “Yeah, we have a LOT to do!”

And then we shrug it off for a week or so, until the middle of November whispers to us – just a little sweeter, but a little bolder – “Get your act together. You’ve got stuff to do! What’s your plan?” And then we’re so busy prepping and cooking and cleaning and decorating that we forget what being thankful is really about. We stare at a fridge full of food to be prepared, at parties we need to attend to and we wonder what we’re doing. What are we even thankful for? What were we thankful for last year? Can we even remember? Was it anything other than the usual friends and family, food and shelter, health and happiness?

Make this year a little different. We don’t need to wait till the Christmas season to feel sentimental and thankful. Even as early as Valentine’s Day, we can learn to celebrate love by thanking the people who are dear to us.

Gratitude doesn’t have to be grandiose. It’s time to capture those little things that make all the difference in a day – the things that go unrecognized, unnoticed and un-thanked.

Babies sleeping through the night, toddlers getting potty trained, children finally communicating what they need with full words instead of grunts and gestures.

Lazy days. Sure, it wasn’t great that the kids were sick, but it did mean you got to stay home with them and cuddle all day binging on TV shows.

The coffee shop around the corner with all your favorite pastries

Your best friend took all three kids for an afternoon last week so you could grocery shop in peace

Being able to sometimes say “no” – no to too many parties or too many demands or too many chores

Friends cancelling your weekend plans. Don’t feel bad—think if this as a wonderful opportunity to pamper yourself and have some quality me time. Slather on some Olay creams for smoother skin or enjoy a moisturizing session for your hair with your favorite Pantene products. You’ll feel great after!

Start keeping a list. Stick it with a magnet on your fridge so you always see it. And capture all those little things you’re truly grateful for.

What are other ways for you to show some gratitude during this season of love? Share them below!


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