How To Spend More Time With Your Family

How To Spend More Time With Your Family

We bet that  “I will take laundry more seriously.” and  “I will tend to the garden more.” were not among your usual resolutions when 2019 started. They were probably more like this: ’I will make more time to be with my family and friends.” and “I will give myself more time to do the things I like and that are important to me.” or “I will thank my loved ones more.”

So let us help you with a few tips.

As a parent, you have a lot on your plate every year. Have you ever thought about, how much time you spend each day with household/work/parenting/learning/yourself/kids?

What do you see? Do you spend enough time with the things you like? Learn how to simplify things in order to save time for the important things.

Keep always the end goal in sight: you have to make your life easier, so you can enjoy your happy family, living a convenient family life. Convenience should always be on top of your mind.

Have a binder/household notebook that contains daily/weekly schedules, checklists for routines, family calendar, to do lists. This book should be at the center of your home, accessible to all family members to write in, and to modify dates.

Have a weekly gathering with all your family members present, where you discuss the duties and important dates, so nothing can surprise you during the week, and you can plan better and further.

You don’t have to do it all alone – if your family wants and can help, let them! In fact, best to have different members join in the tasks like changing their Pampers diapers or making sure that there’s always a supply for the baby.

When you have more time for the important things, focus on each family member including Dad. Oftentimes, the fathers get overlooked because they appear to be too busy, but really, these hardworking men deserve lots of credit too. Ask the kids to make a card for dad, or prepare his favorite dinner even if there’s no occasion. Father’s Day should be celebrated every day. A kiss or a hug will do wonders!

We really hope, we helped you find the time to do... what? What is it you would like to do most with your time?

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