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With Safeguard being super clean, anti-bacterial and good smelling as the right choice.

Whenever I hear the word Safeguard, there are 2 things I think about - ultra-clean and ang aking konsensya. For the new generation,� they may have missed this series of commercials where the conscience takes form and reminds the user of the soap to be conscientious in choosing the soap she wishes to use.� With Safeguard being super clean, anti-bacterial and good smelling as the right choice.�

For us moms,� usually cleanliness and anti-bacterial will be our natural choice of soap for our kids.�� But we also consider the gentleness of the soap to our kids' skin. Safeguard launches Safeguard for kids!� A line of Safeguard that still assures cleanliness but in a gentler formula and in scents children will love.

My kids love the foaming hand soap, what kid doesn't love foam instead of the usual soap?� And they like the smell of their hands after they wash with it.� My toddler after washing his hand would remark "smell my hands, mommy."� The hand wash soap comes in 2 variants, Safeguard Green Apple and Safeguard Cherry Blossom.

They also came out with a body wash in honey lemon scent.� The smell is a little bit similar to Halls Honey Lemon Candy.� And it has a long lasting scent that you carry through the day.

Both the hand wash and the body wash carry Safeguard's promise of removing 99% of germs.� Now, how is that for having the best of all worlds - �strong yet gentle.

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Lilian is a mother of 3 wonderful kids, a businesswoman and a parent blogger.�� She loves to write about her parenting, home making, family travel and fitness adventures and misadventures.� In the blog, she also shares almost a thousand school worksheets she has done for her kids - from Math, Science, English, CLE, Social Studies to Filipino. To read more from Lilian, you can visit her blog:�

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