Everything you need to prepare your teen (and yourself) for the changes that come with puberty!

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Starting anytime between 9 and 14 years of age, puberty brings a lot of changes. Knowledge is power - know what to expect with this short guide.

An exciting but also challenging time for your daughter, puberty is a time of rapid changes, both emotionally and physically. Have a look at our short, illustrated guide on what to expect - and how to help your teen cope with the upheaval of this special time.

1. Taller and taller

Hitting a growth spurt can be the first sign of puberty. Outgrowing her favorite jeans, and bumping into everything can mark the beginning of this phase!


2. Body Hair

Hair will start growing in her underarms and bikini area. Now's a good time to discuss hair removal options with your teen and pick something that she feels comfortable with.


3. Budding breasts

Her breasts will start growing around this time. Remember that they can be a little sore: this is absolutely normal.

4. Her first period

Menstruation officially marks your daughter's adolescence. Prepare your daughter by having  'the Talk' early. At first unpredictable, it should settle into a regular pattern within two years. Using the right product for her flow will help keep her feeling great at all times. Check out products from Whisper Skin Love line. Comfortable and highly absorbent, these pads are sure to keep your daughter from feeling constantly anxious and conscious about her flow days.

5. More sweat

During puberty sweat glands become larger and more active. Don't wait for her to ask: suggest she picks a deodorant she likes and that will keep her feeling confident.

6. Weight gain

Her body is changing in all sorts of ways, and putting on weight, and becoming curvier is one of them. Eating a good balance of foods and exercising in paramount for her to stay healthy and confident!

7. Emotional changes

With all these hormones at a peak now, it is no surprise your daughter might have mood swings and bouts of feeling down. Support her by explaining to her how normal this all is, and keep the channels of communication open by letting her know you're there for her!

How else have you dealt with puberty?  Leave a comment below!

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