Mother's day gifts selection

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Mother’s Day may be mum’s favourite but it can be stressful on the children. It’s hard to find something special every year but don’t despair, Everydayme has great gift ideas for you.

Personalised daily items

Nowadays, you can personalise almost anything with photos or messages: mugs, calendars, clothes, bags, keychains, mobile phone cases... the choice is limitless!

Feel-good items

Mother's Day is the perfect occasion to spoil her with what she really needs: relaxation. A foot spa, massage cushion, shiatsu massage seat or a simple bath caddy are great ways to say "Mum, breathe deeply and let the magic happen."

Unlimited music

Get your mother a subscription to music providers such as iTunes or Spotify. Not only will she discover new artists and get nostalgic over golden oldies, but you will be able to send her playlists and suggestions.

Monthly flower delivery

A bunch of flowers is great. A bunch of flowers every month, or every week, is fantastic! Organise a delivery from your local florist or order online to brighten her day. For however many days you wish.


Book a night in a boutique hotel in her hometown for some quality motherdaughter time. With stressful travel out of the way, you can get down to the business of enjoying the great company.

A trophy

Who could possibly be more deserving of a trophy than your mother? Ask your kids to create one for their grandmother, buy one in a specialised shop or on the Internet. Most importantly, have her name ingraved on it. Remember that in the end, telling your mother that you love her might still be the best way to celebrate this beautiful day.


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