Learn Tips and Tricks from Celeb Mom, Toni Gonzaga

Learn Tips and Tricks from Celeb Mom, Toni Gonzaga

Being a first time mom, surely there are a lot of things we change as we welcome our newest member of the family. From making sure to prepare the right meals, to setting alarms to change baby’s diaper, it sure takes a lot of work.
First time celebrity mom, Toni Gonzaga shares this sentiment. Luckily, she was able to discover simple tips and tricks from being a member of EverydayMe. Watch below as she shares an exclusive day in her life with Baby Seve and how she is enjoying being a member of EverydayMe.

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Have Ambi Pur Room Fresh as a Staple in Every Room

Ambi Pur Room Fresh helps eliminate odors and envelopes the room with a fresh scent. Toni places these in rooms for the ultimate torture test – her nursery room where she changes Baby Seve’s diaper and in her kitchen, leaving the rooms virtually malodor free.

Use Downy Antibac, Especially for Toddlers

Downy with the power of Safeguard ensures that baby’s clothes not only smell fresh, but are germ free as well. This is especially important for toddlers like Seve who are now more active, adventurous, and eager to explore the world.

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