How I celebrate my mom now that I'm a mom myself test

How I celebrate my mom now that I'm a mom myself test

Find out how transformation also means keeping a piece of your mother.

Once the phrases "because I said so"or "you're going to poke your eye out with that" came out of my mouth, the deal was sealed ----I'd cross over to the mom side. I promised myself it would never happen---- that I'd be a cool mom ----but it happened. Now that I'm here, I realize how transformative motherhood is, and how I celebrate it every single day.

For me, any sign of becoming my mother is a compliment. We might not share the same idea of what an appropriate length for shorts is, but I think I'm adopting every other aspect of her mothering.

Growing up, I'd hear these mom catch phrases ("be careful what you wish for"or "wait until your father gets home") and whatever compromise or disagreement was happening came to a dead stop. It almost wasn't fair. The day began I using them, I cringed a little but the results made me giddy inside.

You could say I took a lot for granted as a child. I think of how my mom tucked in three kids every single night; she was exhausted from the day, but still patient enough to listen to our prayers and water requests.

Even now when it comes to meals, I find myself asking, "What would my mom do?"Despite the fact that my head feels like it's in the grip of forceps and my stomach is louder than the TV, I prep and serve my child's lunch first day. I say "Two more bites!" as long as I can before I switch to short-order cook mode. I'm already picturing myself saying "Stay at the table until it's gone!" in a few years. I still have a difficult time imagining my mom planning dinners for a family of five and putting up with our selective palates.

I used to make fun of her detailed grocery lists, but I get it now. I also used to make fun of the oldies radio station she blared in her room while getting ready, but I totally get that now (though I prefer '90s music). There are these go-to, solace-seeking, pace-setting tactics moms use to stay sane, and those same tactics are usually the targets for poking fun. But my mom owned it, so I'm going to.

How enlightening would it be to go back in time when my mom was in the throes of motherhood and chat with her as the mother I am now? I wonder how different our tactics would be, our perspectives, or our limits and moments of weakness. Despite the absence of a time-travelling machine, my memory paired with my mother's interactions with my daughter give a clear picture.

I celebrate my mom and my own motherhood by pulling the past, present, and future together. Remembering the things my mom said that really clicked with me, and the things she would do to comfort me. Then I try them with my daughter and try to live in the moment as much as I can. One day my daughter will be reminiscing about the songs I would sing to her and the dorky dances I do in the kitchen.

So, if being a cool mom means not using mom-isms and allowing insanity to creep in, then forget it. I'm perfectly content having crossed over to the mom side. 



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