Finding healthy foods on a road trip

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Road trips can be such fun with the little ones, but what do you do when their tummies start to rumble? Options for healthy food while on the go with the family are easier to find than you might think.

Fruits and vegetables

Who doesn't love snacking on fruits? They're both healthy and sweet and always a great option for the road trip munchies. If you're taking a drive in the countryside, stop by local markets or fruit vendors along the streets for some ripe pickings that can be nibbled on in the car.

Provincial towns often have locally grown fruits and vegetables on sale. Whether fresh, dried, stewed or preserved, sweet fruits and crunchy veggies will delight and satisfy hungry little tummies. These will also be handy for yourself for recipes you can follow at home later on.

Healthy food such as fresh fruit, cereal and sometimes bags of vegetable sticks can often be found in petrol stations and convenience stores. Check sell-by dates and make sure you wash fruit thoroughly before consuming.


Moms can almost always be counted on to make sandwiches for road trips. That's what
w e do! Why not make them a little more exciting by wrapping them in colored paper and ribbons or layering with different colored bread and spreads? Stop by the road and have a picnic in the great outdoors.

Choose small pieces of bread like bagels or pandesal,  or use cookie cutters to make their sandwiches more fun. Choosing what goes into the picnic basket gives you control of what the kids eat, but try letting them get creative and make their own sandwiches.

If you're feeling brave, let them concoct something for you. Keeping packets of crackers and their favorite spread in the glove compartment will help with emergency hunger pangs, and don't forget the wet wipes for those sticky jam-covered fingers.


Local produce

If you get the chance, try out local delicacies. Get advice from locals in the area on where to go for fresh, healthy recommendations, and do a little bit of exploring while you're at it.

It would also help to do a little bit of research before setting off. Visits to certain farms may allow the opportunity to pick or catch your own lunch—another perfect opportunity to get the family involved.


If the kids have been well-behaved, reward them with something a bit naughty to nibble on. Give them a treat and stave off hunger with the occasional milkshake or ice cream. Rice crackers and muesli bars are healthier options, and slip quite nicely into backpacks.

Look for bags of mixed nuts in petrol stations, or keep some in your handbag just in case. Dried fruits, fruit straps and fruit pots are also wholesome, healthy snacks that can be easily transported and will satisfy sugar cravings.

Road trips are family time spent together. Fill those precious hours not just with adventure, but also yummy food that everyone can enjoy. Happy travels! 

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