Create your Halloween at home

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Bewitching Halloween guests has never been easier. Turn your house into a DIY dungeon, or transform your garden into a ghostly playground with these easy-to-assemble decorations.

Fierce faces


  • Scissors
  • Materials
  • Black, orange and white card

  • Roll of double-sided tape

  • Black and orange hanging tissue paper daisies

Step 1: Download the templates. Cut the pumpkin shapes from black card. For the cat, cut the eyes, inner ears and nose from orange card, the outer ear from black card and the teeth from white card.

Step 2: Stick the shapes to the tissue paper daisies using double-sided tape. Drape from branches, twirl around pillars or suspend from the ceiling for fiendish fun.

Jar candle holders

The perfect way to create pools of light...and scary shadows!


  • Scissors

  • Small craft knife


  • Old glass jars
  • Ribbon or string Black card

  • Tea lights
  • Spray adhesive

Step 1: Download the image templates. Carefully cut the images from the black card.

Step 2: Spray the shapes with spray adhesive.

Step 3: Stick to the glass jars. Tie ribbon or string around the neck of the jars. Place a tea light inside.


Not so freaky but a very festive way to wish your guests a Happy Halloween on arrival.


  • Cutting mat
  • Craft knife
  • Steel ruler
  • Hole punch


  • 7 x 160 gm
  • A4 sheets of card
  • 2 m orange ribbon

Step 1: Download the Happy Halloween letters template. Print on 160 g card on your home printer. Cut out each letter using a craft knife and steel ruler.

Step 2: Use the punch to make holes at the top of each letter.

Step 3: Thread the ribbon through the holes. You can make two strings and hang them underneath each other or make one long string if you prefer.


So easy to make, these little ghosts are perfect to guard piles of candy, hover in bushes, dangle from beams and tumble from the cupboards onto unsuspecting guests.



  • Materials
  • 0.5m white fabric

  • Cotton wool

  • 4 black 10 mm round stickers per ghost
  • String

Step 1: Cut a square about 30 x 30 cm from the white fabric for each ghost. Place a ball of cotton wool in the center.

Step 2: Fold the fabric over the cotton wool and tie a 20 cm length of string around it to form the head.

Step 3: Put two stickers on the head for the eyes. Use two overlapping stickers to form an oval for the mouth.

Small cathead and pumpkin


  • Craft knife

  • Steel ruler
  • Cutting mat
  • Single hole punch


  • Black and orange card
  • Split pins
  • Double-sided tape

Step 1: For the pumpkin, cut out 20 orange strips, each 12 x 1 cm. For the cat, cut out 10 black strips, each 12 x 2 cm.

Step 2: Punch a hole at both ends of each strip. Insert a split pin through all the holes at both ends.

Step 3: Separate the strips to create a ball shape.

Step 4: For the pumpkin, cut out the eyes, nose and mouth from black card and stick on with double-sided tape. For the cat, cut out ears from black card, and a nose and eyes from orange card. Stick on with double-sided tape.

Extra touches

Add to the drama by downloading bat and bird templates (use black card). Spray the candlesticks, vase and branch with black paint.
 Add toy spiders, mice and insects for a maleficent medley.

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