Turn your weekend into a staycation

Turn a weekend at home into a mini break

Make the most of bank holiday weekends or just a couple of days off work to do something different and really relax

Getting started
• Define your ‘holiday’ – e.g. 7pm Friday until 7am Monday morning.

• Shift your schedule around to reduce tasks: get groceries online and delivered before 7pm Friday, and do laundry washes in evenings during the following week.

• Research quick dinner ideas to save kitchen time.
Try our recipes for how to make A week’s dinners in 2 hours.

Put fun into your routine
• If you can’t avoid having to take a son or daughter to a Saturday morning match or sports club, make it a social event rather than a chore – take the whole family and support from the sidelines with a flask of hot chocolate.

• Make meals an event by taking time to prepare everyone’s favourite dishes, or getting the kids into the kitchen. Check out our Dinners the kids can cook.

• Switch bedrooms – this is a simple and fun way to add a twist to your weekend. If swapping rooms isn’t practical, make ‘tents’ out of sheets and sleep on the floor like indoor campers.

Pamper yourself with some me time
• Find out what everyone’s idea of a relaxing treat is, then turn this list into your timetable for chilling out.


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• Give children the chance to do something different: at bathtime let little kids have double the usual bubbles or play with bath crayons, or invite your 10-year-old son out for a jog with you.

Open House
• Prepare easy foods you can keep on standby, mix up some fruity drinks then tell the neighbours you’re ‘at home’.

• Have games, music and films to hand then just invite friends and family to drop in anytime throughout the weekend. The ideal way to make time for chatting and laughing.

Savvy tip
For guests, or if you just want a relaxed Saturday supper,
check out Make a party buffet in 60 minutes.

Pass it on – family fun day ideas
A change is as good as a rest! Try some of these ways to spend quality time together: Family Time – things to do in a weekend.

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