Truly Legit; thank you so much P&G and Everydayme philippine family

Truly Legit; thank you so much P&G and Everydayme philippine family

When I browse my facebook account to check for any updates something has catch my attention, there was an intriguing ad that offers a free sample/freebies of "whisper napkin", Like many first timer there is always a doubt whether if its legit freebies or not, but in the end the temptation to register overcome me sabi ko wala naman siguro mawawala sakin subukan ko lang. atleast kahit walang dumating. then i check another free sample of "Downy parfum". Theen i check out the whole site and there were amazing people that attesting that they have receive a one year suply of pantene, and received discounts. hBut then indi ako nag expect para atleast di ako ma-disapoint, so i let the days go through and now just today May 4, 2015 at 3 o'clock in the afternoon they just deliver my box of goodies and as you can see in the picture below. Although i didn't receive my "whisper napkin" its okay but i hope soon there will be more of this :) and i love to try this new Downy parfum any way kasi kahit di ko pa siya ginagamit ang bango na, i just can't wait.... anyway flattered po ako and impress and so thankful po sa goodies na na-receive ko at ang ganda po ng packaging... i'll try to be an avid consumer as well and user.... thank you so much P&G and sa everthing me family..


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