Tried and Loving it

Tried and Loving it

It was so timely that I have my period when I received my samples of Whisper Skin Love Ultra Slim three months ago. What I really noticed is the scent and that I feel and smell the fragrance even on my heavy period. It is so smooth and so thin and that it is really 3x absorbent than my cheap napkin. I love using it day and night and I'm confident to wear leggings because it feels having no napkin at all. During the first week of this year, my 11 year old daughter finally have her first period. She told me that I am the best mama because I gave her the best napkin and that she never was afraid of this new development on her. Good thing I was able to try this napkin. I have tried almost all napkins and I just settle to the cheapest. But this new Whisper Skin Love 3x More Absorbency is very comfy and fragrant. This is just what every girl needed and the best advice to give to a daughter.


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