To compare or not to compare?

In everything we do there will always be a beautiful and ugly things that we see with our eyes. Things that i s just not so important but we keep of thinking of it.In this world there are only few of us that wouldn't like to be recognize for a job well done on that day. But how can we know if were good at it we just simply do the "comparing notes thingy". We kept on asking ourselves like why She's good at it?Why I'm not? Why she got the looks and I've got none, or kept telling ourselves that I will be good at it like her. Yes it sometimes beneficial because we set our goals to be someone like her/him,we want to be successful like them after all those things if you'll think of it , all those comparisons are just making us paranoid that can lead to stress and worst, suicide. To all those things that is happening you can tell this to yourself: a line from desiderata-" Do not compare yourself to others,you may become vain or bitter for always there will be greater and lesser person than you''.- The Great thing that we should do to avoid or somehow lessen the comparing notes activities is To believe and have trust in yourself.Keep inspired,make the most out of all things and remember GOD MADE US IN OUR OWN UNIQUE WAY.


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