The Best Strict mom ever

The Best Strict mom ever

I didn't grow up close to her. My mom was the most ever strict mother i had ever known,unlike other moms she not like the typical one who would tolerate everything that her child's wants that was maybe the reason why i didn't get the chance to chat and bond with her but as time goes by and as i have a family on my own i began to understand why she treats as the she does when we were younger it was hard raising 4 kids and being a stay at home mom was also a big thing that's why i am very much thankful having her in my life we were not reach but she teach us to be contented to what we have she shows us how lucky we are for having each other in our life and the best thing is she leads us to the right path of life we commit mistakes but she always reminds us never to forget to thank God always for everything that's why i love her so much


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