The Three Cs of Buying Diapers

The 3 Cs of Buying Diapers

Babies go through a huge amount of disposable diapers up until they’re potty-trained.  Our youngest is still in nappies and we buy 2 huge packs every 2 or 3 weeks to keep up with our toddler so saving on this essential is a must for me and my husband.  I would like to share with you some tips on how you can save when you buy your diapers:

1) Cost per usage – I always compute the cost per piece of diaper when I compare one brand from another.   I also keep in mind how many diaper changes our toddler has in a day and compute that in a month. Pampers Baby –Dry meets this criteria because it keeps our little one dry for longer periods of time thus we don’t need to change him often.

2) Comfort -  We love Pampers Baby-Dry because they’re slim and keeps our baby dry.  Our kid also can wear his shorts and skinny jeans without the usual bulk in the behind that kids in nappies tend to have.


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3) Coupons, vouchers and deals – Shop around for deals, offline and online. I follow the Pampers Facebook page so that I can be informed of new promos, contests and products. I also subscribe to newsletters of online shops so that I can be notified of upcoming sales. If you love online shopping like I do, always check out and because they usually run discounts when you buy multiple packs of Pampers Baby-Dry .  Whenever I’m at the office and I get a text from our yaya that the diaper supply is running low, I just order online at these sites. It saves me a trip to the grocery!


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