New Mama All Over Again

New Mama All Over Again

Being a first time mom is an exciting and challenging thing. In my case, I am a first time mom of two. Having to give birth to a second child after eight years is still a challenge for me. My first baby was born when I was just 21, and now that I'm turning 30 this Oct. 22, I can tell that I am both excited and nervous. My OB-Gyn told me that my second child will be bigger than my first born. It thrilled me but she told me "kailangan lang ng lakas ng loob", and that's what I'm preparing for. And now I'm all set for that big day. Baby needs are ready. Just waiting for my baby to arrive. I am currently in 37 weeks at 2 cm, she's a SHE and I will soon be a new Mama all over again!! :)


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Aww congrats mommy!

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