My Trusted Brand!

Hi, Im a mother of a 1 year old baby boy....Since i gave birth to him last March 28, 2014 i never had my period back until yesterday...Ever since when I was 13 when i have my first period until today that my menstruation returned after giving birth to my son I only use one trusted brand..."Whisper"...Never Failed Me...It is super absorbent tested and proven ko na yun....Ive been using it for 12 years na po.....Today Im so happy kasi bumili ako kanina sa supermarket and here i got 3 pads free....Thanks Whisper kasi nakatipid na ako and i dont have to worry of back leaks na at the same time comfortable pa ako....kahit anong galaw ko sa kakasunod sa makulit kong anak na ng aaral mglakad im not worried na matagusan...Thanks to you my "Whisper" I can do everything I want during my period....#WorryFree#StressFree#HappyMommy#HappyBaby


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whisper cottony x-long is so comfortable to use and must be recommended to others.

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