My SuperstarMom!

My SuperstarMom!

I want to introduce to you all my Super Mom mommy Liezl Reyes! :) Ever since I was young, she is the woman whom I knew was very giggly, kind, funny, smart, intelligent, classy, caring, loving and most of all, selfless! I said "was" because she was that woman back then, but now, It all leveled up because she is also a woman with a wise mind, a believing heart and a religious soul. She is just the best. And it's not because I don't have a choice, but because she really is! I am lucky that God has sent me to a Mother like her. I am more than blessed! She's the reason why I take care and learn so much right now for I will be ashamed if I'll ever be a lesser "Mom" in the future to my kids, I need to surpass what she has given me for she started with nothing, I started with everything and she gave me the best things I could ever have. I love mommy alot and nothing can surpass that! :) Happy Mother's Month to all those who had the great opportunity to be a mother.. even a dad-mom role in a kid's life! :) #SuperstarMom


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