My SuperMom

My SuperMom

My supermom,, My supermom, my strength, my no.1 adviser, when I talk to her, she always there to listen even shes tired, and reminds me always to stand whenever I fall. She shows her 100% love for us everyday even in a simple way. when I needed someone to be there for me, she always sacrifice her work just to be with me,. Whenever I feel scared to do something new, she always say, "just to do your best". She never fails to lighthen our mood whenever there is something wrong, at the end of the day, she always asked hows our day. Her love, hugs and kisses are my everyday strength. And most of all she always remind us not to forget to pray wherever we are.. I love you mom, Thank for everything, and I thank God for making you as my supermom...


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