My Super duper ultra mega Mom.

My Super duper ultra mega Mom.

I'm so blessed to have you! Circa 2001 Lola passed away. I know how much you love your Mom and how much you're in pain. After one year, Dad was diagnosed with Colon cancer and I know twas the most painful moment of your life but still managed to be with Dad in his painful days. Staying up late and checking Dad every single second while Breastfeeding my Baby bro. I'm only 8 years old by then and Aubrey is 4 and Andrei - 5 months old. Thank you for keeping your Faith with our good Lord. Thank you for being with Dad through thick and thin and while he is battling with cancer, After two years Dad passed away and I know how blessed he is for having a wife like you! Dad died and we don't having anything as of that moment cuz our computer store is unstable. And now She is a billing Analyst. Call center Mom at Night and Super Mom everyday! She is really a hands on Mom. Cooking Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner? Washing our Clothes? Doing Household choirs? Yes! Thank your for inspiring us and for being the strongest Mom in the world. Now I'm on my Last years in College, Aubrey is on her First year in College and Andrei is on his First year in High School! I know. Since Dad passed away she send us to Exclusive School up to now. Unbelievable? I know! So to all the Single Moms out there, Be better for your Kids! Be positive and always walk with our good Lord. And Mom, Thank you for loving us unconditionally. For not re-marrying again or entertain suitors! For showing me that I'm so loved when I got my first broken heart. For cheering us up every time we're in pain. For being my number one fan when I made it to the National Women's Tackle Football and always remanding me to bring water and extra clothes every training. Hahaha! God knows how much we love you. And I know for sure Daddy is so proud of you! Thanks for Inspiring other people with our Story and for being selfless, kind, humble and Pretty! Lol. Tho di tayo mag kamuka! HAHAHA! Mommy Annie, Thank you and I love you so much! Long life and Good Health.


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