My little boss! (=^.^=)

My little boss! (=^.^=)

There's no greater gift a woman can have but a little angel that smiles! No matter how hard the time is, just a simple glimpse on those little bounty cheeks can make it better! I dont wanna miss any moment of your precious facial expressions, the look in your eyes that melts my heart and your soft skin that makes me cuddle every minute. I just wanna spend my entire day starring at you. You really makes my heart ponder! Full of joy, beauty and love. Empty of sorrows, hurt and pain. I'm just lucky to have you! I don't deserve any precious presents or gifts but having you makes me worthy of giving love and sharing every part of me just to make you a whole person. You're really my everything! My flesh, my veins, my blood and my heart. Should I name you "My Everything"? God really knows what to give us!


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