My Idol. My Bestfriend. My Cheerer. My Mother!

My Idol. My Bestfriend. My Cheerer. My Mother!

She's Rosalie Feranil Anacan, my fathers wife... a mother of 3.. my mother.. :) I call her as my idol because now that Im living with my husband and son, what my mother did for as is what i am doing now to raise my child well. Even she doesnt graduated high school, she never fails to provide what we need with the help of my father who was a farmer works really hard just to send us to school. We're not close like other bond of mom & daughter but we're reaching out unto each other. Yes, my mother is my best friend because she's the one who knows first evrything happen to me even in bd times or in good times. She cheers me up. and what i cannot forget from her word of wisdom goes like this, "Always find good unto others." so nanay, really knows best! thank you for always being there, for raising us well.and for your unconditional love and support all throughout. we love you! :) -tin


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