My Hero!

My Hero!

I remember the days when she feels so hurt when my father left our mom and had another family. I was 6 and my brother was 4. My mom kept on thinking how to raise us, how to fit up her salary being a dressmaker in our daily needs such as house rental, water and electric bill, not to mention the hurt she felt by leaving her with the man she loved. She feels so down, hopeless and alone. I remember there were nights that she was crying and nothing i can do but cry too. She said that she liked to give up... But God didn't let her, because of her family and friends, and church's family she stand and got strong. She thinks that without her how her children would be, so she worked hard for us and always pray to our dear God. I am so thankful and blessed that mom never gave up and we did't grew up along with other family. She's my mom and dad.... my Hero! :) Having a mom like her is God's wonderful gift. She thinks of us her children first before thinking about herself. She gave what we need, she support us, she love us more than anything else. That's why she's the best Mom in the world.


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