My Favorite Baby Products

My Fave Baby Products

When I was a new mom, I relied on recommendations from fellow parents on what stuff to buy for my baby. But now that I have 3 kids, I've gotten the chance to try and test different products out in the market. And as you go along, you'll definitely find that some products are more "hiyang" or suited for your family than others. These are just some of my personal favorites based on my family's experience using these products. 

Diapers: Pampers Pants

My kids have tried practically all the disposable diapers out in the market today, but a definite favorite would have to be Pampers Pants. I’ve hardly experienced leakage and it still feels dry even after using it overnight. I really like its stretchability (especially in the waistband) and overall softness for baby’s comfort too. My kids have also experienced diaper rash from some brands but none from Pampers. We use the pants variant now for my 2-year old because it’s very easy to wear even on the go.

(Photo courtesy of P&G website)

Soap, Shampoo, and Lotion for sensitive skin

My 4-year old son has very sensitive skin so we have to use different products on him. He easily gets rashes and becomes itchy all over especially when he sweats or during a change in season. I’ve realized that a lot of other moms deal with this problem and also use different products depending on what is best suited for the child’s skin.


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Body washes and shampoos have essential ceramides and vitamins. It is also important that they are tear free and fragrance free so as to be product-friendly for the kids.

Laundry Detergent

If you have kids with sensitive skin like mine, it is important the brand that you will get for your laundry detergent is one that dermatologists will recommend as well.

Fabric Conditioner: Downy

I love how Downy keeps not just clothes but also our beddings super soft. I prefer the Antibac variant because of its germ protecting quality. And it smells really good too!

So there you have it! Hope these recommendations will help other parents out there in choosing which products to try. But like I said, it still depends on what works best for you and your family in the end. :)

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I love the smell of my kids cloth everyday can I have more of this

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How to get the free sample thanks.. My baby love the smell of downy..

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I like using downy baby gentle ... My baby clothes smells so good all day long..

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how to get freebies please?

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can I try ur sample

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