My Family’s Health & Wellness Resolution For 2015

My Family’s Health & Wellness Resolution For 2015

The overall health & wellness of my family is my topmost priority. I’m sure parents, moms in particular have the same sentiment. Health has always been a concern of everyone and has been the top priority of parents like me. For the new year, I’ve asked my family to take part in coming up with our first ever health & wellness resolution. Since I’ve been trying to incorporate activities that can help improve my health & wellness, I figured it’s time my family also follow suit.

According to my almost 5 year old daughter, here are hers and her 2 year old brother’s health & wellness resolution:

1. Add apple, banana or grapes to my snack box & to drink more water everyday.

2. Brush our teeth three times a day and sleep early.

3. Exercise like mommy so we have energy to play. (Ha, I never thought I’m a fitspiration to my kids!)

4. Try a new activity that we can do together.

5. Less fighting and more loving.

As for me & my husband, here are some of things we can do to achieve a healthier lifestyle:

1. Make healthier food choices whether dinning out or cooking at home.

2. Motivate each other to workout, exercise and be active.

3. If possible, take the stairs instead of the elevator.

4. Regulate our sleeping habits to achieve at least 6-8 hours of sleep.


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5. Make our home safe & clean for our family.

As a family, here are the things we can do together that can help us achieve our new year health & wellness resolutions.

1. Shop wisely & do regular pantry clean up. This can help lessen the purchase of processed food. If we only have healthy food, we won’t be tempted to munch on junk food so often.

2. Spend more time outdoors. Do more fun-filled outdoor family activities such as biking.

3. Limit TV & gadget time & do more quality time together. This can help increase each family member’s mental, physical, emotional & social health and overall wellness.

4. Sit down & do meal time together at least once a day. Eating is more enjoyable when done with your family.

5. Cleanliness comes first. Frequent hand-washing using Safeguard soap & water. Germs thrive not only in our surroundings but even on our hands

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