My Awesome Mom

My Awesome Mom

I always thank God and shout out to the world for having the best mommy in the whole wide world. My mom is not perfect but she give me unconditional love that every mother have for her child. She is awesome in a way that she could be my best friend, who listen and understand my struggles, my teacher, who teaches the wonder of living and make me understand life, my lawyer, who defends and protect me in every situation and she is an awesome mom, who will never leave you since the day that i was born till the the end of the world. She is always by my side and pray for me every struggles and difficulty in my life. Now that I am also a mother, everyday I thank my mother for all the protection she provide and strength to conquer all hardships that come into our life. I will never get tired of saying you this mom, I love you so much and I will take care of you and dad until you get old.


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