Being a mother is hard but at the same time it brings completeness for every woman & brings joy also. Even though you don't have experience in handling an infant for the first time mommies, but still its like automatic you know how... As a mother to my child, I want the best for him, I want to take the best care for my child, and it brings joy to me. Whenever I see babies on pictures and videos that are so adorable, I want to hug them and watch them over & over as I see my baby is like one of them, their all beautiful. And when I see babies on the news that is being tortured and left by their irresponsible mothers, I feel for them, my heart breaks. Those feelings are suddenly get into me since I become a mother too. Maybe because now that I'm experiencing motherhood, that I know that it was so hard and so joyful in hearts that I have a baby to take care of... can't explain, but I know every mom understands me. Promise to myself that I will take the best care of my baby and love him so much that only a mother can give. I think every mother should do it also. Take the full responsibility and be thankful for what God gave you.


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