Mother & Daughter #GoLongerGoFurther

I became a mother at an early age. I gave birth right after I graduated from College. The first time I saw her, she was the most awesome baby for me. I can still vividly recall how wrinkled she was, yet very beautiful. A decade has passed, and my baby is now a little miss. My Lejansha is an artist and achiever at the same time, brought prestige to her school by winning different academic contests. I am a single mother, juggling my career and taking care of my family. My Lejansha helped me a lot by becoming a better person. And all the effort I am doing is for this little Miss who never ceased to make me proud. My daughter and my ever dearest friend. I love you my baby girl. It's not easy being a mother and a father at the same time yet you inspire me to be a better "me"... #GoLongerGoFurther


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