Hi to every mommy out there like me! I would like to share to you what I'm thinking when I'm still preggy to my baby. I have lots of question like "am I ready to be a mommy?? can I be a responsible mom while i'm still a student?? how will i teach and race my baby if I'm not yet ready to be a mom??..but now all that question has been answer because I survive it! i'm so happy and thankful because now I'm a mother for 3 yrs and still counting of years for being a mom to my one and only baby. I may not be a perfect mother but I'll do my very best to be a responsible mom for you baby! I'll show you how I'm thankful for having you in my life. i'll give you everything I can give to you and teach you in believing how god is good to us and he love us. and be thankful for everything. Also thanks to my parents and to my future parents-in-law for supporting us and guiding us how will be a responsible parents to our baby. :)


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