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Family Trips This 2016

Since the year just started, I’m sure that for most of you, vacations throughout the year are somehow already planned out! If you haven’t done that, get started planning your family trips! Every single one has a suggestion here and there to where the family should go, what can be done there, and how long the stay will be. But usually, planning a trip, especially when it’s with family can be quite a challenge because most of the time, there is an itinerary that should be followed and there are certain factors to weigh in.

For my family though, it isn’t much of a challenge or hassle when it comes to travelling together because there are things we do before and during our trip to make it more enjoyable and fuss-free! Here are some personal tips that I learned throughout the years travelling with them:

Before the trip: 

  1. All details of the trip should be pre-approved and approved by each and everyone in the family, except when the children are still incapable of making those decisions.
  2. Everyone does his/her own research on the places they want to check out and pitches in that idea to the family for the itinerary planning.
  3. We plan a flexible itinerary because you never know, there might be a better plan during the trip itself.
  4. Compromise. We make sure that each member in the family gets to do something they want to do, at least once during the trip.
  5. Everything should be ready before the trip, meaning valid passports, tickets, hotel bookings and more. This spares everyone the hassle of last minute rush (and I must, expensive) bookings

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During the trip: 

  1. Everyone should be mentally and physically prepared for the planned day ahead! I know it might seem funny but trust me; this will help the family avoid arguments during the trip. For example, my parents aren’t young anymore and they get easily tired, so if they aren’t prepared for the approved plans of the day, there could be unwanted arguments / tensions that may arise. Nobody wants that!
  2. Before leaving the place you’re staying in, one member from the family should check out the weather for the day! It will help you see what you need to prepare to bring like an umbrella / jacket if it rains, water for rehydration or extra clothes if you sweat a lot.
  3. Also, make sure to not leave any important documents or money unguarded. Those should be kept safe and protected! We wouldn’t want you and your family to have a horrible trip because someone lost a passport or a big amount of money.
  4. Don’t forget to create a travel system as well! If someone plans to separate from the group, make sure that he/she can be contacted easily or there’s a planned place for the meet up at a certain time!
  5. Lastly, ENJOY. Personally, I find family vacations to be the best, especially when my family is complete! Because those are rare moments to have when you’re getting older and those are the moments I cherish the most. You planned a family vacation because you wanted to spend time with them so make sure that you do! Create happy and unforgettable memories that will last you a lifetime.

Well, that’s about it! Hopefully our family travel tips will be of good use to you and your family! Have a wonderful year ahead! Cheers!


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thanks for the helpful tips.. first time mom here and i love to read more tips from you guys..

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