Family is God's Masterpiece

Family is God's Masterpiece

"Time spent with the family is worth every second." Spending time for your kids, for your family, is called LOVE. It does not mean you have to go out and spend money to have fun, but just by staying at home, sit on the floor to play w/ the kids, or watching t.v. together, eating together, praying together, doing something together is giving LOVE. You can do it not only on Valentine's Day, but you can do it everyday or any day! LOVE is VALENTINE. For my family, everyday is Valentine's Day. Because we make sure that at least one meal a day we are complete in front of the table, praying together, eating together. We always say "I love you" to each others specially to the kids every now and then. You can give your "I Love You's" not just on Valentines Day. You can give it everyday. On my family Everyday is Valentine!! ^_^


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