Everyday with Lil'One

Hi! mommies! Im a first timer and a young mom of a 6months old baby girl, My lil'one name is Samantha Kenji. She is not planned but yet doesn't mean that unwanted! My husband is 22yrs. old, and me Im only 21 at giving her birth, Im in Cesarian section.. Sharing some experience as a new mom, I've read some mommies forums on how they take care of their lil ones, as for me to do it on my baby girl,like changing diapers,taking a bath,waking up early morning when she cries,breastfeeding her and so on. Samantha Kenji was a gods perfect gift from me, I may not a perfect mom but I always make sure to give my 100% of being the Best mom that i could be.Sometimes my lil one made me cry, that time I had that sudden feeling to give up but I never! i will never give up on my lil one even if I cry and cry! I WILL NEVER! Times we mommies will realize that a big factor has change! We have our lil'ones now, were not just US! who youll understand but for most our little ones. My little Bungisngis who always smile when everyones adore her! i love you anak! momy will never stop loving you, and loving you and loving you. #MomyJinee #Sharingsomemoments


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