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It is true!!! This was my reaction when I received my welcome kit delivered at the office yesterday. Honestly, I joined the site because I really want to receive freebies and samples I can review. However, joining was just the first step and experiencing its authenticity is another. That's why, after signing up, I left it for fate to prove that Everyday Me is for real. I am grateful for having received my membership card, a thousand worth of discounts for products I am using, and a sample pad of Whisper napkin. Because you are true, the best thing I did was to show my boss the coupons I got as well as to my friend in the office. I encouraged them both to join to learn a lot from the site and get discounts as well. I am sharing this as well in my instagram account. More power to you P&G.


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May i know what establishment or place that accept the everyday me card??.. tia

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