Does your relationship have staying power?

Certain key ingredients in a relationship mean that it’s likely to last. Does your relationship have them?

1) I can be myself and my partner will love me just the same…
a) Almost all the time.
b) I always say and do exactly what I think even if it might be hurtful. I think honesty is important.
c) No. I could never show my partner the real 'murky depths' me.

2) I believe that ____________ is most important in order to sustain a relationship.
a) Sex
b) Romantic love
c) Companionship

3) We usually…
a) Take turns to choose a movie or restaurant.
b) Do the things that I suggest.
c) Do the things that my partner suggests.

4) My partner is…
a) Supportive when I am upset because my best friend is moving away.
b) There to celebrate with me when I get a promotion at work.
c) Always there to support me. If I’m happy, he/she is thrilled. If I am sad, he/she tries to make me feel better.

5) Since getting into this relationship…
a) I have had to create a balance between the time I spend with my partner and on my interests and other friends.
b) I have kept my old friends and interests and even developed new interests.
c) I have stopped seeing old friends because my partner doesn’t really get on with them. We mainly see my partner’s friends now.

6) Communication is something…
a) We don’t really focus on in our relationship. My partner instinctively knows my needs and desires.
b) We both try to work on as we think it needs constant tending.
c) We allow it to happen where and when it does.

7) In our relationship…
a) We know what is expected of each of us as far as daily chores and tasks are concerned.
b) We do not have defined expectations and roles. We each assist the other as much as possible.
c) My partner does more chores than I do.

8) Little rituals such as taking it in turns to make coffee for each other, and kissing each other hello and goodbye…
a) Are an integral part of our relationship.
b) Are things we sometimes do.
c) Are things that are not important to us.


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9) I feel good about myself within my relationship…
a) Sometimes, but sometimes not.
b) Most of the time.
c) All the time.

10) I accept my partner as is, with flaws, warts and all…
a) Actually, I keep wishing he/ she was a little different a lot of the time.
b) No. I don’t have to. My partner has no warts!
c) Most of the time, although there are obviously times when things really get to me.

Now add up your score

1 a 5 b 1 c 3
2 a 1 b 3 c 5
3 a 5 b 1 c 3
4 a 3 b 1 c 5
5 a 5 b 1 c 3
6 a 3 b 5 c 1
7 a 5 b 3 c 1
8 a 5 b 1 c 3
9 a 3 b 5 c 1
10 a 1 b 3 c 5

Mostly 1s
Your relationship is low on staying power. You are in it for what you can get out of it. You don’t have a long-term agenda and are keeping things in the here and now. As a consequence, you probably aren’t compromising too much on what you want.

Mostly 3s
Your relationship has the potential to develop into one with staying power. However, at the moment you tend to idealise your partner to the extent that you are unable to see the real person and, similarly, are unable to show your real self. You need to understand that seeing ‘the warts’ and still loving your partner is much better than pretending not to see the warts, after all, we all have them.

Mostly 5s
Your relationship has oodles of the magic staying power. You are connected on many levels and yet respect each other’s individuality. You value each other’s opinions and make time to communicate effectively. Roles and responsibilities are discussed and equitably divided. You feel supported whether times are good or bad. You can also be yourself within the relationship. Most importantly, you find ways to make each other feel special.

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Wow mine is mostly 5s. I felt so happy with matching giggle. Definitely I'm going to share this to my man. I really hope and pray that our relationship really last. Thank you Everyday Me for giving this kind of quiz/survey. This is really helpful.

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