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Oh, I thought it will not be delivered anymore ☺️ thanks to the postal man for sending it here in our house �� ❤️ Thanks P&G these coupons are really malakeng tulong sa mga wifes/mommies na katulad ko na lageng may budget alotte lang for a month. I hope more mommies will be more effecient na talagang magse-search pa ng online freebies and promos para lang makatipid in a better way. (Nakakatipid ka pero not on the quality of products). Kapag nakikita ko yung post ng ibang mommies na very delighted in receiveing their freebies , mas lalo ako natutuwa and hopeful to be more effecient as a wife and as a mom, in my own way natutulungan ko si hubby sa pagtitipid kase pag nakabakasyon sya ako lang kumikita ng money for us. Thanks P&G for putting up a website like this, more to go! God bless. ❤️


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How do I get coupons?

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I'm hoping to get discounts coupon too.Thank You and More Power...

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