Early October 2015, I decided to register here at Everydayme. I was excited to receive free samples from the different participating brands. I successfully registered into the site and was so ecstatic I told my officemates to join in, too. I started claiming free sample from Whisper. And then I taught my officemates the same. We all successfully claimed the sample. I read around the site that some registrants took a long time (I think months) before their samples arrived. And then some complained that they have not received any though were still hoping all samples they claimed will arrive some day.. I cross my fingers and hoped mine will just arrive late. Come 1st half of 2nd week of the month, no samples arrived. On the 2nd half, my officemates were called at the reception. Upon coming back to their tables, they all were grinning then told me ,"Ate, nakuha na namin yung Whisper". I was happy for them but deep inside I was hoping mine will still arrive. Then I decided to check this site again for other free samples (because I wasn't losing hope).. I saw Downy that time. I claimed but failed because it said there, "SORRY. Due to the blah blah blah blah blah..." Okay. Fine. I took another try by the 3rd week. And came November.. I really am so disapppointed at this point. If no samples arrive, I'll be deactivating my account here. Okay, not. That way, members will see this post and not give hope to newbies. Hey, it's the last week of November already.. *sighs*


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same here... ever since I registered for free samples none of them never arrived. its just so sad that even it came late for some reason at least you were expecting to receive it but unfortunately wala eh... the last free sample I registered was Whisper Love last Oct 2 pero until now wala pa rin. ****sighs****

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