Daddy's Day Gift Guide

My daughter was born the day before Father’s Day 2009 and it was a running joke in our family that she was my Father’s Day gift to her Dad.

While nothing can beat gifting a guy with the right to celebrate Father’s Day, I am pretty sure these dads, whether they be doting, or of the deadbeat variety, would want to receive something else that has nothing to do with them being fathers.

I’m talking trips, gadgets, an everyday bag with a lot of nifty compartments. Or to be utilitarian about it, maybe a new pair of shoes.

I asked my husband for a rundown of gift ideas he enjoyed receiving, or would lvoe to get, and I’m sharing his Top 5 with you here!

  1. A quick getaway.  If mothers value Me Time, and keep on harping about their need for one, expect your husband to value it more. They’re just not built to withstand the incessant chatter, petty fights, and feeding routines that comes with raising little kids. Gift them some time away from the little ones, of course, with you in tow. Maybe plan a short daytrip out of town, a weekend food trip to Hong Kong, Singapore or Taiwan. Better yet, if time allows, a weeklong trip to a dream destination.
  2. Rimowa suitcase. If travel doesn’t fit in the calendar at this point, maybe the promise of one would be enough. One of my best and most useful gifts to my husband is his Rimowa suitcase. He had just gotten back from a trip in fact, but realized his heavy and bulky suitcase wasn’a joy to travel with. I had the brilliant idea of gifting him with a Rimowa, and told him it was in anticpation of smooth and easy trips to come. True enough, it has become his constant travel companion since.
  3. Maxpedition Backpack or Gear bag. He swears that his friends swear by this. For the sort of guys who can’t leave the house without bringing everything they could possibly need, and want to compartmentalize everything , these bags were built for them in mind.
  4. I Am Cardboard VR viewer. Virtual Reality is the future. Bring the future to now and have him geek over the latest gadget that he can take pride in saying, “I was one of the first to own one!”  
  5. A new pair of shoes.  Whether he’s into sneakers, or bespoke leather shoes, a new pair of shoes is always a good idea. It could be that he direly needs a pair to replace an old one or he’s known to pick up a new pair every month or so, either case, it will be a gift worth giving.

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