Always A Great Day With Pampers Baby Dry Pants

Always A Great Day With Pampers Baby Dry Pants

Pampers is a household name when it comes to diapers. It has been a trusted brand for such a long time now that it was my first choice of diaper when Twinkle was born. (Read: Get A Chance To Win P1 Million For Your Baby with Pampers Baby Dry).

If you're a mother or an expecting mom, you'll be happy to know that with Pampers, you and your baby are guaranteed a good night's sleep. It’s the best and driest diaper I know that can last the whole night without feeling wet and leaking.

I tried a cheaper brand before. I would always be tempted to move away from Pampers because of other brand's promise of the same level of protection for less than the price that I would pay for Pampers. But guess what? I would always go back to Pampers because they don't deliver. Twinkle would wake up in the middle of the night with wet clothes and wetting the bed in the process. It means double work for me in the morning.


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Twinkle is already one year old and has started learning how to walk. With that, I am trying out Pampers Baby Dry Pants. It's a pull-up diaper that works just like an underwear. I think this diaper would make for an easy transition from diapy to pants especially during potty training.

Twinkle and I always have a great day when she's wearing Pampers Baby Dry Pants. I guess that's because of the magic gel that has an excellent absorbing property providing about 12 hours of dryness. It guarantees a peaceful sleep and of course, a dry feeling when she's awake. It's breathable and allows air circulation so babies don't get that nasty hot feeling. I love that it has flexible waistband for a comfortable fit.

Also the baby lotion in it helps protects baby's skin and the all around cottony softness makes babies feel comfortable. Changing diapy is a snap, it has easy tear-down panels for quick changing and a cute cartoon in front keeps babies entertained while you're wiping.

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what is good about using pampers is that it makes your child more comfortable everyday and its affordable , no need to worries about the budget ..

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