5 Steps to creating a spa mood at home

5 Steps to creating a spa mood at home

Scents are very powerful. If you had a tough day, the simplest way to recharge and uplift your mood is going to a spa, because of all the aromatic scents that help you relax. However, with a few simple tricks you can aromatize your home as well for a perfect spa experience, bringing the scents that make you feel happy and relaxed right into your home.

Here is how to comfort your body and soul, and how to bring a little magic into your day. Scents give you what you need: invigoration, relaxation, or refreshment.

• First of all, have natural products, organic scents and aromatic candles that you like. Ban all negative thoughts from your mind. For relaxation use: verbena, lavender, bergamot, ylang-ylang; For an invigorating experience use: Ginger, Cocoa, Mint, Eucalyptus. For refreshment try: Lemon, Lemongrass, Melon.

• Place the candles in your bathroom and light them. Fill the tub with warm water and pour your plant scents in it.

• Relax in the bath tub for 30 minutes and massage yourself softly. Wash yourself and get rid off the dead cells by rubbing yourself with mineral salt.


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• After stepping out from the bath tub, cream your body with circular moves. Go for natural products and scents here as well. Spray mineral water on your body to relax your skin.

• Finally, wear something clean, soft, comfortable that is smelling great. Try Downy: from a wide range of scents, find your favorite that gives you a cozy, happy feeling. Now lie down on your bed. Take a few deep breaths: inhale with your nose, exhale from your mouth. Every time, you smell your skin and garment, breath in the scents that make you happy. Let the positive thoughts go from your nose right to your toes.

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