What about a Zumba class for Mother's Day?

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Young mothers need some activity, a means of relaxing, enjoying themselves and maybe changing their outlook after a long day. What about trying Zumba just to see. Here we show the advantages and disadvantages of this relatively new discipline - a mixture of fitness exercises and Latin rhythms!

Zumba is for you if......

You are looking for a 'total' sporting activity

A one-hour intensive session starts with a warm-up routine to prepare the body and to prevent any injuries. The main session is based on alternating acceleration phases with a rapid tempo and recuperation phases where the tempo of the music is much gentler. And the session ends with a cool down period, still with musical accompaniment, to recover from the effort. In short, a sort of resume of the average day for a mother.

You wish to sharpen up your figure exercises and the movements of Latin American dances. In short, it is the right blend for toning up the body and burning off excess calories - between 500 and 800 depending on the level and your state of fitness. It's perfect if you have still a few kilos to shed since your last pregnancy!

You wish to play an amusing sport
The concept of Zumba is to forget the effort and enjoy yourself! The unity in the group and the impassioned rhythms create moments where one really enjoys oneself while at the same time letting off steam. Gone are those somewhat boring repetitive movements and it's hello to that feel - goodtime.

Just the thing for recharging the batteries after a full day, enabling you to be ready to face the little darlings back home!


Zumba is not for you if......

You are not a fan of Latin American rhythms
Zumba was invented by Beto Perez, a Shakira choreographer, when he was a fitness instructor in his native town of Cali in Colombia. One day he realised that he had forgotten to bring the traditional music for his aerobic sessions. To fix the problem, he improvised a sequence using various music compilations that he found in his backpack: Cumbia, Salsa, Merengue, Samba, Flamenco, Chachacha or Reggaeton! From this improvisation was born Zumba, a marriage of South American dance steps and fitness movements, which has captivated those who enjoy getting really worked up in a super ambiance - but not those mothers who enjoy peace and quiet!

You have already had difficulty with Swedish gymnastics

Not everyone is made for Zumba. It's true, one needs to be already quite a whizz at dancing, and possess a minimum of stamina, as there are loads of rhythm changes and not much recovery time. Sluggish or beginners should steer clear! Young moms should wait a few months and do their perineum physio theraphy before considering this type of sport. 



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