8 Tips To Keep A Child's Desk Tidy

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Facilitating an orderly work space minimizes distraction and improves productivity. How do you like this idea applied to the desk your kids use for homework? Once you've chosen the perfect table for your child, and established the correct size and inclination of the chair, try some of these tidy tips to help them keep an organized work space.

Not only does a clean desk look better, it encourages kids to do their homework. The benefits include improved productivity levels, better attention and concentration (as a result of less visual clutter), improved fine motor accuracy and better overall posture- music to a Mom's ear!

Top tidy tips:

• Supply a few containers in which to keep stationery and other bits and bobs. Neat cardboard boxes, tins and bowls work well.

• Provide basic stationary with which to organize work, including a stapler, paperclips, files, sticky notes and a paper punch.
• Add a pin board above the desk for notes and reminders.

• Make sure there's a trash can close at hand.
• Add a container of disinfectant wipes to the desk, so that it's easy to wipe after the day's work is done.
• Add a bookshelf where files and books can be kept.
• Keep distracting objects to a minimum (e.g. toys, decorations and photo frames).

• Encourage your child to regularly discard old papers by positioning a paper recycle bin close by.

* Finally, after your child is done with work, make sure to remind him or her to wash his or her hands and be rid of germs using a gentle yet effective soap like Safeguard.

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