5 Ways to Get Kids Back-to-School Ready

5 Ways to Get Kids Back-to-School Ready

Try these tips to encourage your kids to be excited for the new school year!

1. Re-establish school routines.  

Clocks in our house become invisible during summer.  Time to put it on visible mode and enforce earlier bedtimes and earlier wake up time.  My kids would argue that they want to enjoy their last few days of sleeping in late and yeah parents would want to do the same, but imagine the horror on the first few days.   

The shift cannot be sudden, thus the 2 week lead time before back to school. Each day, start adjusting sleeping time and wake up time earlier by 15 minutes till you get to your desired bedtime and wake up time.

2. Go school shopping with them.

The easiest trick to get them excited for school day is to involve them in shopping for school supplies etc. Kids gets excited selecting and shopping for new school shoes, bag, notebooks and pens. If they personally chose their school stuff they are more excited and proud to use it.

3. Do the uniform check.

Have the kids try on their uniform to make sure it is a good fit. No one wants to come in ill fitting clothes that are either too small or too big. Apart from the fit, uniforms, must be laundered to a crisp, smart white using Ariel laundry detergent. When the uniforms fit well, laundered white and ironed crisp, the kids will feel more confident facing their new classmates.

4. Do a mini-pep talk to a great school year.

Save for pre-school days, most kids are not as eager to start school. Do a mini-pep talk with each child and talk about what makes them excited to get back to school, their fears and anxieties. Try to make them come up with an easy to do plan to make this school year as good or better than last year's.

5. Lastly, be excited too.

If they can see your excitement and positive attitude, hopefully they will catch on. Kids are very sensitive and they sometimes just mirror our own emotions. I have to do some prepping on my end as I brace myself for another year of waking up early and tutoring.  

Cheers to a great school year!

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