Chasing dreams

Chasing dreams

"What we know changes the landscape of who we are. By adding to our internal database of knowledge, we are expanding our horizons, and reminding ourself that there is always more to be learned and always more ways for our worldview to shift." I took Architecture back in the days, I even worked at a firm, however I realized it is not my calling as I have found something I am more passionate about. I am taking it to the next level and I am now a chef in the making. So glad I have followed where my heart has always been leading me. This is all a new beginning for me in so many ways as I have purposedly dedicated time in this pursuit, and still am passionately purposely doing so. I am breathing in the new adventures that await, the new possibilities, the new of today. I could not resist to share not only what I do and aim to do more, but my life as well in this journey. I have always been thankful for I am surrounded with people who are generous with their loving support and warm encouragement... Let's spread the love...❤❤❤


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