Sports that Bring Families Together!

Sports that Bring Families Together!

These sports are not only fun, but also good for the health!

Sports are a great activity for families because there are so many benefits derived for the individual family members as well as the family as a group.  Doing sports together encourages everyone to connect as a family unit.




  • Promotes wellness for both our bodies and minds
  • Teaches team-work
  • Demonstrates the benefits of working together with others to achieve goals.
  • Reduces stress




  • Fosters camaraderie and bonding within the family due to shared interests
  • Nurtures friendly competition which makes family members strive to excel in the sport
  • Spending quality time with your family


Listed below are five (5) SPORTS that are not only fun to do together but are great workouts too.





Wakeboarding is a fantastic sport to get your whole family involved in, as there are no age restrictions. My husband David (in his 40s) is a passionate wakeboarder and my brother (in his 30s) competes for the Philippines. I have been boarding since I was a teenager (but am still at a novice level). My eldest son Kieran (3 ½ years old) will start learning to board very soon.


Wakeboarding works your core, arms and legs. The better you become at boarding, the more of a workout it provides.


Wakeboarding is a sport that you can do all day (wake parks have day rates as well as hourly ones) so you can have family wakeboarding days where you can pack a picnic lunch and hang out with your family for hours.


In the Philippines there are wake parks all over so it is an accessible sport. You can also wakeboard behind a boat so you can do it at the beach too.




Anyone who can ride a bike can cycle. This makes it a perfect choice for a family sport. It is a great form of exercise for adults and kids alike that you can do pretty much anywhere.


The health benefits of cycling are plentiful because it is an effective cardiovascular workout. Cycling is a low impact sport (as opposed to wakeboarding) so you and your family won't likely suffer from many injuries.


If you want to have a nice family day you can head to Nuvali or Tagaytay and bike around soaking in the fresh air and enjoying some family bonding time.





Yoga is an ideal option for families who are busy and don't have much free time to dedicate to a sport. There is also no age constraint. They even have yoga classes for babies!

The whole family can practice in a class once a week, which will cultivate your bonds and provide a wonderful stress release for everyone. Yoga is also a cardiovascular workout that provides your body with much needed muscle strengthening through stretching.

The nice thing about yoga is that there is an abundance of studios throughout the country. All you need to do is get your family to agree which type of yoga you all want to do and then find out which yoga studio is near you.





Tennis is one of the best individual and team sports out there. It is a powerful workout that the whole family can enjoy. People can play together no matter their age (my 3 year old can play with his grandfather). There aren't many sports where you can do that!


Tennis teaches discipline and the importance of working hard, which are significant lessons to impart to your children. Tennis also helps develop concentration and tenacity not just in your children but in you as well.


Friendship and support are also part of tennis. From watching family members play together or watching your children (or you) play in competitions, it really encourages everyone to reconnect with each other.





Running may not seem like an obvious choice for a family sport but it can actually be quite social. Unless you are doing sprints, most people can talk while they run which makes it a great time to catch up on your family's lives. Running improves cardiovascular fitness, strengthens muscles and aids in maintaining a healthy weight.


My sister-in-law Christine Jacob-Sandejas is a marathon runner and she gets all her kids running with her, as well as her husband Paco. Her older children have even competed in 5ks and seem to not only have fun but also have a great sense of accomplishment.


Start your family off slow by organizing an hour of running on the weekends and build up from there.


Getting your family involved in sports together is important because it teaches your children from a young age that physical activity is an integral and necessary part of life.

In this age of gadgets, it is more important than ever to encourage activities out of the house, away from computers, televisions, video games and the rest of technology. Remember it is nearly impossible to connect with your family when everyone is in his or her own world of gadgetry. Getting your family into a sport is a way to nurture special family bonds that lasts a lifetime.

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