How to Make the Most of your Family Vacation!

How to Make the Most of your Family Vacation!

It is possible to have a family vacation everyone loves, but the key to minimizing the stress on everyone takes a bit of preparation...

Here are the top five tips for keeping your cool while travelling with family:

1. Get everyone in the family involved in the planning
Get your kids travel guides or help them search online for information about where you're going. Then talk with each of them to discuss what they might enjoy doing. Having each family member take ownership of some part of the vacation helps keep everyone happy.

2. Consider Renting an Apartment Instead of Staying in a Hotel
Many destinations have the option of short-term apartment or condo rentals. They're often about the same price as a mid-range hotel; but since there's a kitchen, you can save on meal costs by buying groceries and fixing a couple of your own. And it's nice for family members to have a separate room for retreating, if and
when a bit of alone-time is needed.

3. Don't Discount the Charm of Vacation Picnics
Picnics are cheap, they're tailored to everyone's tastes, and they can happen anywhere you go: city parks, the beach, the mountains. Simply stop at a grocer's and grab some breads, cheeses, cold cuts and fruits, along with some drinks and a portable picnic blanket, and you're good to go - with smiles all around.

4. Get Your Kids Some Journals
Having your kids keep a travel journal and pen in their daypacks every day can be invaluable when they're bored or when they're somewhere that doesn't allow photography. And once you're back at home, they'll have a little souvenir to flip through of the trip that that they created themselves. Let them take a few pictures as well with your phone of what they want to remember to add to the story.

5. Do Something Meaningful as a Family
Sometimes the best way to remind yourselves that you love each other is do make sure you do something particularly meaningful on your trip. It can be as simple throwing coins in a fountain and making a wish together. Just doing something to create a special memory of your time together will be wonderful for your


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