How to make mom feel special on mother's day

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The flowers and burnt toast all have a special place on Mother’s Day, but what does mom really want on her special day? Follow this list of dos and don’ts to ensure mom feels special this Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day - the one day in the year w hen w e pause to pay special thanks to the moms in our lives. They do so much for us. So how can we be sure to say thank you in the best possible way?

Follow this list of do's and don'ts.


Start Mother's Day at the beginning of the day. When mom wakes up, it's Mother's Day — and the savvy planner w ill have the celebration ready to go as she rises. There's nothing more dismaying to a mom than to wake up and hear that her special day will start later - maybe with dinner. Even if it's a special dinner, that means a day of ordinariness all the w ay until dinnertime. So even if you've got a special dinner planned, start the day with card or breakfast (in bed, if she likes) or flowers on the breakfast table. Let her know you know it's Mother's Day.

Involve the kids (or grandkids). Even if they scraw l a crayon card or just say "Happy Mother's Day!" make sure the little ones are cued in to the special day.

Be creative. Just because tradition dictates candy and flowers doesn't mean you have to go that route. Tailor your gifts and celebrations to the things the mom in your life really likes. Is she outdoorsy? Plan a picnic. Is she an arts fan? Buy concert tickets.


Leave a mess. Nothing dampens the pleasure of breakfast in bed than having to get up and do all the dishes. As you plan your Mother's Day events, make time in your schedule to handle the cleanup - that means the kitchen if you're cooking and the house if you're entertaining.

Get too practical. Maintain the specialness of the day. Even if she really does need a new blender or thumb drive or emergency car repair kit, keep those for another occasion — like a Tuesday.

Overspend. Most moms would prefer Mother's Day not be an event that will linger on the credit card for months to come. Be budget-minded in your planning so that she can enjoy her day without wondering how the family is going to pay for it. 


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