How to craft Glitter Baubles for Christmas

How to craft Glitter Baubles for Christmas





Add some DIY bling to your festive display this Christmas. Let the children help you make these easy, fun decorations for your tree or table. This activity is perfect for some family bonding time this December. Have everyone’s favorite snacks ready and start the decorating fun!


  • Blow up a balloon until it is just smaller than your fist. Place the wood glue in a container and thin with a bit of water.
  • Glue the end of the twine to the balloon and hold in position with a finger. First wind the twine vertically around the balloon and then diagonally. Turn it around the knot of the balloon to change direction. Continue until the balloon is about three-quarters covered.
  • Cut the twine and tuck in the end under the strands on the balloon. Use your paintbrush to paint the wood-glue mixture over the entire balloon. Repeat with the other balloons.
  • Suspend a dowel between two points and use pegs to attach the balloons to the dowel.Leave overnight to dry completely.
  • Prick the balloon to burst it and then pull it out of the bauble. NOTE: You can use tweezers to remove the deflated balloon if you are unable to pull it free with your fingers.
  • Spray paint the bauble in a color that matches your decorative theme. Ensure that you spray enough to also coat the inside of the bauble. Leave to dry completely.
  • Once the bauble is dry, spray it with spray glue. Ensure that you spray it thoroughly so that the glitter will stick all over it.
  • Work over a piece of paper and scatter glitter over the bauble. Lightly tap the bauble so the excess glitter falls off. Thread metallic thread through the twine and knot it at the top so you can hang the bauble up.

 Even cleaning up after can be a fun, family chore! Ask the kids to sweep up any excess mess on the floor or help in washing the dirty food dishes (Joy dishwashing liquid is a great soap that works fast in breaking down grease!). Everybody gets a prize after…like surprise Christmas cookies!


Ever tried making your own baubles at home? Share your thoughts below by leaving a comment!


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