Host A Holiday Gift-Wrapping Party

Host A Holiday Gift-Wrapping Party

Turn a time-consuming task into a festive event with friends and lots of ribbons, paper and bows.

Wrapping Christmas gifts seems like a thankless job when everyone just tears off the shiny ribbons and rips up the pretty paper. But when shared with friends, it’s a stress-free celebration.

The Christmas gifts are piling up inside the closet waiting for a last-minute, late-night binge of wrapping endlessly for hours. As you cut and tape and tie another bow, you run out of paper and promise (once again) that next year will be different. But your plan to wrap a couple boxes each day slips away and turns into an all-too-familiar daunting mountain in the back of the closet away from curious children’s eyes.

An easy and fun solution to this necessary but time-sucking task turns it into a social occasion—gather your friends for a Wrap-and-Rap Party. You may wonder how to fit anything else in the already busy holiday schedule, but just think of the boring hours spent wrapping gifts all alone. This simple get-together for a few girlfriends will take the stress and sweat out of decorating Christmas presents and add a shimmering variety of paper, tissue, bags, ribbons and ideas. Plus, you’ll never run out of tape.

Select a date within a couple weeks of Christmas to include as many items as possible. Collect your gift-wrapping supplies onto a big table or the floor with lots of space. Spread out the collection of everyone’s paper and ribbons. Share decorating tips, stories and refreshments. Soon stacks of boxes will turn into beautifully wrapped packages ready for under the tree. As the time flies by, one bigger item from the to-do list gets checked off. A cheerful way to visit with friends during this hectic season, this merry-making idea might become a new tradition.

Here are essential Wrap-and-Rap Party tips:

  1. Invites should include a checklist to bring (have a little extra on hand): One roll or packet of Christmas paper (from kiddie-themed to traditional for variety) Gift tags and a colored pen Ribbons, bows and trims Scissors and tape Gifts!
  2. Gift tags are a must. Don’t forget to add the “to and from” names on each item as soon as it’s wrapped, so you know the giver and the receiver. Once the present is wrapped it will be a mystery—which is one reason we decorate our gifts.
  3. Think of ribbon alternatives, like yarn, sparkly garlands and colored twine.
  4. Display a box of Christmas-themed notions to add onto a bow, such as mini ornaments, handmade snowflakes, holiday stickers, cookie cutters and silvery jingle bells.
  5. Recycle cute once-used bags for odd-shaped gifts or a gorgeous bow from last year.
  6. Easy eats for nibbles: a cheese-and-fruit platter and a pitcher of cranberry cocktail with sliced oranges.
  7. A selection of favorite Christmas tunes to play in the background.
  8. Make the party a potluck and take turns as host. After the holidays, stock up on sale items for next year’s gathering.
  9. What’s a little party without an exchange of gifts? Ask your girlfriends to bring in a wrapped, anonymous box. You can set a theme or a budget. Then, everyone can take turns and reach into the pile of gifts before going home and have a little surprise giveaway! The items inside need not be expensive. Why not fill up your gift box with everyday household items like shampoo (brands like Pantene and Head & Shoulders are great for hydrating natural hair), moisturizers for the skin like those from Olay Total Effects and even a dishwashing soap like Joy will be much appreciated! It doesn’t matter who gets your gift box—with these items, they’re sure to love them and use them!

What gift-wrapping party tips can you share? Comment utem below!

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