DIY Bubble Solutions


Last week, we all get bored. When this happens children gets cranky. Aside from going out, just to break our routine, I usually think of an activity where we will all enjoy for sure. Playing bubbles is one sure activity that kids would like. We used to buy bubble mixtures because my kids prefer using them rather than the bubble solutions we personally make. "Till I have learned a trick on making a good bubble solution a few years ago. Now we are no longer buying bubble mixtures. This is what I wanted to share with you. Below are the materials you'll need: 1. clean container for your bubble solution 2, measuring cup and spoon 3. 1/2 cup Joy dish washing liquid 4. 3 cups of water 5. 1/2 tablespoon glycerin The addition of glycerin improves the bubble solution. This makes your bubbles bigger and harder to pop. You can find this ingredient in the baking sections of a supermarket. Or use corn syrup instead. Simply dissolve Joy and glycerin in water you have previously measured. You can ask your child/children to help you prepare the bubble mixture. Your little one can learn about measurements doing this activity. We use drinking straws as our bubble wand. Hope you also enjoy!


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