Think About This: 101

Think About This: 101

So what's up today? I just feel writing something now. I don't know what it'll be all about. I just want to write. I'm spending my summer with bunches of activities. The first weeks of my vacation, I went to youth camps. Yeah...the first one, I went to Bacacay, Albay. It was IBMA's camp. It was good. The second one was in Bolo, Sipocot. I, actually, not joined that camp. I just went there during evening services and got home afterwards, because every morning, I'm having my summer job...tutoring some kids about music. Guitar and keyboard to be specific. Well, I guess that's it. You may say I'm such boring vacationist. :) Oh...well, I could say so, too. Nothing new for's something usual for your info. Yeah...right. I've been spending my summer vacation like this for three times six. Well, during the afternoon, besides baby-sitting my little sister, Bambam, I'm just spending my precious time with my netbook...oh...what a nonsense doing. I think, I've almost done with the dvd's in here. I'm so doomed with various movies. I've finished many Korean series. I also tired of reading books. Well, it made sense, though. Oh well, because of my boredom, there are many things and ideas came into my mind. Usually about future. Love life??? Spiritual things...studies...and many more. I was asking myself for a long time now...what is the sense of my existence? Do I really have a part? Am I someone important? I don't find the answers. My mind still wondering.


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